🌹Tamlyn Jayne – Soul Aligned Rebel, Sponsored Athlete & Mindset Queen🌹

🌹Welcome Beautiful Soul,🌹

Something inside you is looking for change, looking for a deeper meaning to life. Looking for more lightness to your being and to feel more joy in all that you do.

You have been taking life too seriously, allowing it to weigh you down. Now is the time to slow down, to reconnect to the core of your being and allow your life to be aligned with spirit.

Life is a majestic journey of ups and downs but it is the tools and resources that connect us to our soul when we are faced with challenge that allow us to come out of it all refreshed, feeling alive and ready to take on new paths.

My journey is unique to me like your journey will be to you. I have learned to trust and strengthen my connection to spirit and to live more fully in all that I do. I will provide the resources for you so you can do the same and it all starts with alignment!

It took me a long time to believe in myself, to feel comfortable with who I am and to express that confidently in the world.

Now I hope to touch your life, to assist you to reconnect with your soul so you can break through barriers of fear like I did and embrace the person that you are from deep in your soul!


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🌹About Tamlyn Jayne🌹

🌹My name is Tamlyn Jayne and I am an Artist, Model, Spiritual Rebel, Soul Aligned Epic Leader, Psychic, Intuitive, Light Language Channel, Metaphysician, Duel Reiki Master, Mindfulness Teacher, Mother of 3,  Yoga Ambassador, Asking Mums Frequent Blogger, Fitness Fanatic & Lover of Weights, I am a member of the World Metaphysical Association, Australian Psychic Directory and I am also featured on The Spiritual Events Directory.🌹

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🌹Beautiful Soul,🌹

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