Tamlyn Jayne- Learn To Love Your Body & Watch How Quickly It Transforms




You have been guided to my page for a reason & I am here to inspire you to change the way that you see yourself.

You see, for years I battled with low self esteem  and low self worth and I berated my body constantly. At times I felt so disgusting and I treated my body very badly.  Motherhood for me was not always a positive experience especially during the first years and I began to ignore my own body’s needs because I was so busy looking after everyone else.

I can tell you that when you put yourself last, it is impossible to feel great about yourself and it traps you in an unhealthy cycle. The only way to break the cycle is to change how you see yourself & change how you treat yourself.

What your body really needs is for you to be kind to it, for you to love and respect it and for you to nourish it not only by what you eat, but also by how your live your life and by the words that you use to describe  it.

We have been taught to disrespect our bodies from an early age and to judge and compare our bodies with others which has led to the majority of people these days being disconnected from their body and from themselves.

I am here to teach you to how to  reconnect your mind, body and soul. I want to ignite in you a more positive vision & a more positive way of how you  treat yourself and your body.

I want to show you a new perspective where you honour and nurture your body instead of berating it, where you nourish it instead of sabotaging it and where you reap the rewards of optimum health and fitness and then teach your children to do the same.

When a women begins to see the value in who she is & loves herself unconditionally then she awakens self-worth, self-belief & self-confidence. When she raises her own personal standards for herself and her body,  it reflects in all areas of her  life and she is then free to reach her full potential & what a beautiful gift that is to pass down to our future generations. –  Tamlyn Jayne xx



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I’m so excited to answer your questions and  to get you started on your own personal journey of self love and transformation.